How To Plan a Hen Party – For Beginners

How To Plan a Hen Party – For Beginners

Planning a hen party can be a daunting task, so if you’ve just been set the challenge then get started with these 7 simple steps!;

1- Ask the Bride

Give the bride as much control as she wants. Some people dont like surprises, so if she wants to know the ins and outs then plan it with her, and if she wants it to be a surprise get cracking on those secret squirrel antics. But make sure you ask her the important questions like if she wants an evening out or a weekend away, if she wants to go abroad and who she wants to invite.

2 – Making a Guest List

Even if it is a surprise this is something you will need to talk to the bride about. Get her to give you a list of all the people she would like to invite – and if you don’t know if them perhaps a bit of background info on them so you know who you’re talking to.  You can still keep who can actually make it a secret.

How you communicate with guests will probably depend on the size of the party and how well you know everyone.  If the party is small then you can probably organise most things over whatsapp, but Facebook is great for details and for larger groups.  If you want to communicate with each person separately then you can go down the email/direct messaging route, but I prefer to keep everyone included in most messages so you know everyone is up to date with the info.

3 – Picking a date

First of all figure out who your ‘most important’ guests are. It sounds a bit mean but generally there will be some people – such as bridesmaids/sisters etc that the bride-to-be wouldn’t dream of having the party without, and there will also be some people she would love to have there, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world if they couldn’t make it. Identify the must haves and decide on some dates that you are all available for that you can put to the rest of the group.  Then you can use something like a Doodle poll on Facebook to get the rest of the guests to confirm their availability. If you’re planning on a weekend away you may find that some people can do one day but not the other, so you’ll have to keep an eye on that and make a judgement.

4. Setting a budget.

This is a really tricky one because its hard to know what people will be happy to pay. But from my experience, if its going to be a whole weekend away then £200 including accommodation and a couple of activities is a good amount to shoot for.  Obviously make it clear to your prospective guests what the price is likely to be so they can make a decision based on this, and keep them updated throughout the process.  You should also let them know what additional costs there might be, for example they might need to pay for dinner, cocktails, taxi rides or entry to a club. You can save money by having food and drinks at the house as much as possible, and ask guests to bring food to contribute.

5 – Picking the location

This will be heavily based on what the bride-to-be said when you spoke to her. For the last hen party I planned the bride had said she didn’t want to be more than 2 hours drive from home. We wanted to hire a house so we were mainly looking on Airbnb, and then we narrowed it down even further by the budget we had set ourselves. Decide what is most important for you in accommodation and narrow it down that way. It could be location to a city centre if you want to be able to walk into town, number of rooms, if there is a pool/big garden/big kitchen if you want to spend most of the time at the house etc …

6. Picking a theme.

For me, this is the most fun part of the whole process! Of course, you don’t have to pick a theme but I think that it can make it feel more special if you do.  To pick a theme think about what the bride-to-be’s favourite things are, you can have a look at my pinterest boards for some inspiration on the themes that you could have.  For example, in the past I threw a ‘boot camp’ themed hen for my sister in law, who is a personal trainer, and a ‘travel’ themed hen for my friend who loves to travel. Getting a logo made that reflects the theme is also a great idea to make the party seem truly awesome – you can take a look at some of my customisable designs here.

7. Activities and Games

If funds allow it,  I think booking 2 planned activities over the course of the weekend is the best way to go. Ideally one being a bit more active like dance lessons, yoga, inflatable games, go-carting, escape room etc, and the other being more chilled such as visiting a spa or a crafting activity. For example for my friends we did bollywood dancing and then hired the private ‘cross baths’ spa in Bath. The options really are unlimited, and pretty much as far as your imagination can reach, so get researching and find something unique that your bride to be would love. If your budget doesn’t stretch to paid for activities, you can always prepare some games to get the party started. If you google it or look on pinterets there are so many game ideas to be found. So again, do your research and find something that suits your bride to be.  A great idea to accompany the games is to have a lucky dip box of prizes for the winners , they don’t have to be expensive, but could reflect your theme, and will make winning all the more glorious! Perhaps thow some booby prizes in there as well for the fun of it, such as silly hats/wigs/glasses that the winner must wear!  We had a mankini hidden amongst our prizes – it was to reflect the travel theme though – obviously that was kazakstan!

I’ve made a little info graphic to sum up all the points above. If you have a Pinterest account you can pin this and save it for later.

how to plan a hen party

I hope that has helped a little bit if you are nervous about getting started with the planning.  Don’t forget to check back here often for more tips and hen party DIY’s.

The Henthusiast x

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